Thursday, November 5, 2009

science rules!

We, Doug Abshire (ACHS), Kristen Edwards (ACMS) and Emily Klein (KMS) recently made a presentation to the Adams 14 Education Foundation requesting vernier science data-collection equipment for elementary, middle and high school science classrooms.

From the vernier website

"Whether you're looking for cutting-edge technology to enliven and support your labs in chemistry, physics, physical science, math or biology, there's a Vernier solution appropriate for every grade level."

We are excited to announce today that we will receive significant funding from the Adams 14 Education Foundation which will allow us to promote digital science data collection, another 21st Century tool for students!

We want to thank the members of the Foundation directed by Tony Uva for their support of science education in ACSD14.

According to the Foundation:

"While the Foundation operates independently of Adams County School District 14, we share a vision of enhancing education for all students. Our foundation funds programs and services not normally funded by the District’s operating budget.

Because of the efforts of the Adams 14 Education Foundation, Adams 14 students are experiencing the joy of learning, the satisfaction and heightened self-confidence achieved by mastering reading, and the promise and pursuit of a better life through education"

"It goes without saying that all of us in Adams 14 share a love for education. But more than that, we possess the desire to help talented and motivated young people realize their dreams. Our role at the Adams 14 Education Foundation is one of helping to nurture and develop the creativity, skill and genius residing within each of our students."

THANKS! Adams 14 Education Foundation! YOU ROCK!

PS... Please refer to a previous post by Emily Klein with a link to her class data collection "hot hands" activity and collaborative blogging / sharing of data.

PPS... Thanks to Dave Tarwater and Joe Miller for their support of 21st C tools in the classroom.


Dave Tarwater said...

Kristen,Emily, Doug,

Great work and collaboration! Your presentation to the Adams 14 Foundation was outstanding. You all have been the impetus of providing some great and much needed technology for students and teachers K through 12.

Kelly Berry said...

Congratulations on your funding from the foundation! What an exciting and collaborative effort that will enhance the teaching and learning of so many across the district. Thanks!