Monday, November 30, 2009

My Technology Reflection

Thank you for all of the good reading. I haven't read/commented on many, but I plan to very soon. It's fun to see all of our hard work shared and celebrated. I wonder how how much I'd post if we didn't have our timeline? Hmmm.

This year I have taken a new approach with my students. With all the changes we have in our district (education in general) I had to choose the best and most usable technology tools for my class. Thus, I have chosen the SmartBoard. I have been creating weekly Notebook's with 45 pages each! Every page has it's objective and I'd say about 75% of the pages are interactive - some of them are just reminders to me on what we're working on next.

Our class blog has taken a step back. We tried to start strong, but it has not been a priority. Last week students completed their meteorologist forecasts. They are posted on our class website for all to have a listen. Upon completion of their forecasts, I think next year I may branch out and work on a voicethread. Who knows, by then there may be another new and exciting tech. tool!

Happy December!

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Dave Tarwater said...

The weather podcasts were great. I think Ed Green, Kathy Sabine, and the other Denver TV meteorologists have some budding competitors in your students.