Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi from Center 5th grade

Hi doing well. Use board for over 3/4th of my day. Have my class blog up and started. Will share the url shortly when my students have shared more. Interesting note. My class has pen-pals in Anaheim, CA - They have very limited computer usage..... They have a hard time believing we have so much tech and they are so much bigger. Interesting to me. I love the collaboration with my peers at school. Things are going good here. We are doing all subjects on the board. So way cool! My kids love it.



Liz Springer said...

Glad to hear you're using your board so much! What are you doing in math right now with the board? We're just getting into fractions, so the smart board has lots of potential there. Are you using it for reading as well? I have found it works well when you show a graphic organizer that you can manipulate for different stories and genres. Let's chat soon!

Dave Tarwater said...


Very good stuff, yes you are fortunate to have great technology tools and your students are fortunate that you are integrating those tools in the curriculum. Keep it up.