Monday, November 30, 2009

Atomic Learning Reflection

I used many flipcharts to teach my skeletal system unit this year. I downloaded them from Promethean planet and although I did not use all sections in them, I used the ones that were applicable to the unit the third grade was teaching. The flipcharts have many interactive sections in them and during reading groups, the students utilized these sections of the flipchart to aid in learning the names of the bones of the skeletal system. The following links are some of the flipcharts used from Promethean Planet:;

The interactive portions of these flipcharts were well received by the students and served as great practice for the students as they learned the names of the bones. I would also like to report that my NEP (non-English speaking child) has learned not only the common names for the bones in our body, but most scientific names also.

This was truly a successful learning experience for us all!

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Dave Tarwater said...

Great interactive lessons. I enjoyed "BoneYard Bill". Them bones, them bones, them dry bones.