Monday, November 30, 2009

Collaboration Video Project

Our project is located here: (Or will be as we are doing this there have been some technical difficulties oops... but check back soon)

We decided to take on a project that demonstrates how our students are becoming more international. As part of this growth the students need to know how to be risk-takers, communicators, have empathy, be enthusiastic, etc (watch the video for a complete list). This video shows the students showing that action and then saying what it means to be that.

It turned out to be very cute. The students collaborated well and are proud of their work. It was also a great way for the students to review and practice all the attitudes and learner profiles. Mrs. Berry and I feel that way too. The project was time consuming, simply because a lot of it was completed in pairs. Overall this, was a fun way to promote I.B.

Mrs. Berry and I also collaborated well. I am so glad she is my mentor!
Brianna and Kelly

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