Saturday, November 28, 2009

Collaborative Project

Hi All -

Jennifer Lindberg and I had our students work on a collaborative math project. My students wrote a graphing problem for Jennifer's class.

In return, Jennifer's class wrote one for us:

My class had a wonderful time during the entire process. They were SO engaged when we posted our math challenge on my blog, and equally engaged in solving the one from Jen's class. They really loved the idea of working with other 3rd graders (outside of our building) by using the Internet.

From a teacher perspective, this was a very fun and convenient way to connect with other learners using technology. It did not take much time outside of the classroom and provided my students with a learning activity that required higher level thinking, included multiple intelligences, and allowed them to apply the skills that had just acquired.

Jennifer and I plan to keep connecting our students in this method. It was a simple yet effective collaborative project! To see our results of Jennifer's challenge, click on the following link:

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