Monday, November 30, 2009

Collaborative Project - Solving Math Problems

     Boy how time flies!  It seems like just yesterday we were meeting up in Denver planning this.  My student all worked hard coming up a problem they could type into the computer on classblogmeister for other people to solve.  They are all excited when we get a few minutes for them to go and check their blog to see if anyone has visited their problem.  We are learning how to do this together.
     Creating a classblogmeister blog was not real difficult but figuring out how to add students was where I had my biggest difficulty.  Once I figured that out things went rather smoothly.  My biggest challenge with my students is the ESL part.  I have an enormous number of ESL's so creating a usable problem was time consuming.  However, we got the job done.
     My students have been learning a whole lot about how blogs work and how they can be used in a great number of ways.  We have slowly been looking at my partners student problems they have posted for us to solve.  I have had issues with different kinds of sites being blocked by our school but hopefully we will get them resolved.   Emily's glogs still can't been seen but Laurie's students problems are viewable.  My students can't post yet to her students problems but that is being looked into also.
     We created a time line for our project and was glad it was not set in stone.  It has been modified several times due to the problem we have encountered.  I think my students have learned a lot about the use of technology and the quirks it sometimes has.  They have learned to be much more patient will dealing with issues.
     My blog is available for anybody to view.  My students are waiting for anybody to respond to their post.  You can follow this link: to go directly to my blog.  Please drop by and let us know what you think.  Once there you can check out my student problems by clicking on their problems title on the left hand side of the page.  Feel free to leave them a post as to how you like their problem.  Make sure you read the information at the top of my blog before you post a comment since I reserve the right to view and make changes to your post before it becomes public.
     Good Luck on the rest of the semester.  It gets tough from now until Winter (Christmas) Break.

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