Monday, November 30, 2009

Math Problem Solving Project

Jim, Laurie, and I embarked on our first collaborative project together which focused on math problem solving skills. We each had our students create math story problems and found a way to post them on our classroom wiki or blogs. My students created glogsters at You can see their work here: After posting student projects the plan was to have our classes go to each others' sites for our students to solve other students problems. My class has gone to Laurie's blog and will be going to Jim's wiki this week.

What went well:
My students really enjoyed creating their math problems and their glogsters. They are enjoying solving others problems and are practicing their math problem solving skills while they use web 2.0 applications.

What didn't go well:
The timeline we set up of course didn't happen perfectly (of course!). We needed to allow more time to get the project completed. Also, Jim's class couldn't access my classes problems because they can't see the glogsters embedded on our blog. I need to go back and post them again in a way that he has access to them. I will focus on doing that this week! My theory is that his school district blocks glogster (which is too bad). Perhaps we can get it unblocked? As of now, no one has solved my students problems. I hope that Jim's class will have access soon and be willing/able to solve our problems and that Laurie's students will do the same!

I am looking forward to completing another project with Laurie and Jim this year and I think we will be able to continue to work well together! I know my students are benefiting!

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