Sunday, November 29, 2009

Collaborative Challenge Blogging

Sarah Feaster and I collaborated on a blogging project with our Math Groups (see Sarah's Blog on this site below dated 11/28/09) :). Sarah's class at Central posted a graphing problem for my class at Rose Hill (, and in turn, we posted one for her class (

This is one of those classroom experiences where you wish you would have done it months ago! My class had a fantastic time and were buzzing with excitement to meet the challenge and offer one in return. Their curiosity was peaked as we discussed that Sarah's class were 3rd graders not far from Rose Hill, and that we could interact with their class using the blog and internet.

While this class is normally engaged in learning, the project offered an opportunity to go a step further to really motivate them as well. Every student demonstrated full engagement and motivation to meet the challenge and offer one in return the entire period. I look forward to building on these challenges, and continuing to offer new ways with 21st Century Learning to build thier higher level thinking skills, problem solving, and practical uses of skills we are learning in the classroom. To see our results to Sarah's challenge, please visit our class blog:

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