Monday, November 30, 2009

History at its Finest

The experience of using technology as a part of historical research has been an awesome achievement for the third grade students in Center, Colorado. My team member and I planned an activity that allowed our students to collaborate via the internet to complete a project on the history of the San Luis Valley.
We began our project by selecting teams using a "Selector Tool" spinner that is created by Kagan. The spinner we chose is on the computer and allows us to choose the number of participants and then have it randomly select teams. After teams were created, the students had to research their topic or area in the San Luis Valley. Our students accessed information via internet search engines, e-mailed information to other team members and collaboratively created murals based upon the information that they had obtained.
During the process, students took turns videotaping others as they used technology to complete their projects. (I will link some of these videos as soon as I figure it out. I will work hard to have them linked prior to or during the upcoming weekend. I will also link pictures of some of their completed murals.)
We continue to use the Promethean board on a daily basis and I look forward to having my accu-votes installed so we are able to access data on students. I utilized flipcharts on a daily basis to teach my entire skeletal system unit. We used aspects of these flipcharts as work stations and the interaction and enthusiam of the students created an extremely positive learning environment.
I am excited about furthing my personal experiences and my students learning experiences in the upcoming semester.

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Dave Tarwater said...

Sounds like a wonderful project for your class. What exactly is "accuvotes"?