Thursday, September 27, 2007

We all use math everyday-- NUMB3RS

I'm a huge numbers fan. I watch it on the CBS website whenever I get a chance. (Season premier tomorrow!)

They have teamed up with Texas Instruments and created the WE ALL USE MATH EVERYDAY site.

The basic idea is that teachers can use the weekly show to teach math (along with the TI calculator of course). It has a blog and some other cool features.

I'm pretty sure that all my geeky (term of endearment) math colleagues have already seen this. But, I wanted post it up here.

I wonder do math geeks really dig this show, or do they just watch it for the flaws? How accurate is it?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Global Learners Join the Team

Five Global Learners joined the team today. Two from KMS (Anna Mendez and Lucas Eagon) and three from ACHS (Heidi Bornemann, Nick Tussing, and Gregg Laino). Please take a moment to welcome these educators to our team in the comment section below.

Check the demo video created using the SmartBoard during today's presentation. (Thank you Anna for creating this demo with no prep time).

Friday, September 21, 2007

blogging literacy

thinking about blogging again...I stumbled upon the REMOTE ACCESS blog and he was talking about blogging as a new literacy; we need to teach students how to read and to navigate...

So I went back and blogged about it

I'm working on blogging as a research project

I want to know how you all are using are you teaching students to blog....and to read blogs? please post lesson plans, ideas, etc.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blogging Improves Writing...

Here is a link to an article I received through my classblogmeister group. I found it very fitting after my first trial with first graders and the laptops. Their behavior was wonderful in preparation for writing their first blog article. Once they turned the laptop on and I got them started, they were able to navigate quite well. Once I showed them one thing, they taught the other students who were a couple of steps behind.

They copied their writing into their blog after writing a draft on paper. Wow, they got right to work on their article knowing anyone might look at it. The only instruction I gave them for their article was that they had to choose a topic they wanted to share with the world. Now, if only we could work on using the space bar...

Our class blog
- check out their articles, they did a great job!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

get that man a cape

Can we see about getting Tarwater a cape? I mean, he rushes into the classroom to save the day and I just think it would be more effective and dramatic.
Honestly, I can't believe how spoiled I am to have such an amazing resource so handy that I make a phone call and he "runs on up" to my classroom in about a minute to fix the problem. I used the math laptop cart today and there were some troubleshooting that always goes along with trying new technology. I think that is the part that most people weigh the frustration of those days with the benefits of the technology and give up. I just can't stress how vital Tarwater's piece is to the whole Global learners project and technology in the classroom in general. Thank you Adams 14 for recognizing this importance and having such a great tech TOSA!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Making them ready.

As I visit your classrooms, read your websites, blogs, and wikis I just know you are making them ready. I am honored to work with you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Final (Seriously) Round of Logo Commenting

I just asked for a few color variations on the winning logo version. Please comment on this post and vote to the right.

Into the swing of things-and behind

I feel like we are now official into the swing of things and all of the initial stuff is in the past. It better be, since we are testing on our first unit assessment tomorrow. So, this seems like a very appropriate spot to reflect and strategize.
My website is up and all of the struture is in place. I attempted to update my voki to verbalize announcements, however, when I tried I had difficulties and never made it back. The pages that I think will have most importance is the lessons page for each class. My intention is to show the day's agenda (in reverse chronological order) and link to anything that will help them review or experience what was done in the classroom. I put notes for a topic in power point and uploaded the presentation to slideshare. Then I linked the presentation from my site and referred any student there if the "didn't get the notes." I felt like a rock star. Then I quickly got behind. No more rock star.
I also wanted to list all assignments on the assignments page (not up yet) and explain the assignment there or link to a worksheet in google docs. When I get real good, I want to scan and link to a pdf any other assignment. Maybe next term.
I quickly remember how behind I can give with meetings, emails, forms, and grading. Planning is squeeking by and I haven't gotten planned (electronically) what I would like to for the intentions of my website. I also haven't gotten to the point where I am updating my site regularly. I need to make it a routine just like entering and uploading my grades each week.
I have gotten some lesson plans written and posted to google docs with associated homework or worksheets. The mean, median, and mode lesson is at This went well with my Algebra 9A students. And my virtual solving equations for Algebra 9B using the national library of virtual manipulatives. This did not go as well due to trouble in the media center and centrix with the java. I am not sure if the lesson would have been better if they had more time to use the program. I asked the students to get back to the lab on their own time to complete the worksheet and homework or find access at home or somewhere else and they just didn't do it. This really surprised me and I don't know yet how much of the argument that they couldn't get access is valid and how much is them trying to get out of work.
Finally, I have put blogging on the back burner and would like to ease into smart board and blogging by next term for sure. Right now, I will focus on having a functional website and quality lessons to share.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Meaningful Blogging

I'm trying to have my students create meaningful blog posts that will aid in learning. My first few weeks bombed. Today I had them look a few interesting blogs on my reader and then return to our blog to comment on them. Hopefully, as we practice it will become seamless. However, for now not all of them have their school email!

most of the posts so far have been amazing, check them out over the next few days and comment on them. I'm trying to let them see how global we really are.

From experience, Commerce City kids don't always get to see the bigger picture and this is really hard for imagine themselves in a bigger community. (Honestly, before I entered high school I didn't know there were music choices outside of rap and hip-hop! We don't really ever leave either: we bought a house next to my in-laws!)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Classroom Happenings

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a couple of classroom updates with you. First, here is our classroom blog. When we first began this journey, I didn't think I would choose to create a blog, but now I'm sort of addicted! Anyway, check us out!
We are not part of the "blogger" system, but you can always find us through our website.

Tomorrow, Thursday evening, is Back to School Night for Alsup. I have uploaded a podcast to our classroom blog. I'm hoping to have some student podcasts done for Back to School Night as well, but that depends upon our day of course!

Lastly, on our blog you'll find a link to a Responsibilities Wiki. If your students, or you, have time, our class would really like to know what responsibilities other people have!