Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Amazing Resource

Hello everyone,
Just because I am not in Adams 14 anymore does not change how I feel about finding and sharing amazing resources. The first resource helps secondary teacher s and the second helps all reading teachers in K-8. I bolded them just in case you do not feel like reading and just want to go directly to them.
The first one is It has great inquiry based lessons for core subjects and aligns with the standards. It has won all kinds of awards.
Language arts teachers....I AM ABOUT TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER!
Go to the writing reviser....copy and paste and writing and checks all kinds of grammar, tells you how many simple, compound, complex, compound sentences along with some great grammar that aligns with the daily grammar you do.
The other great find that already has lessons formatted in the I-do, we do, you do format.
I will continue to follow the Global Learners Blog. I learn so much from everyone.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Change in Participation

A month of school has already passed! My how the time has flown. I have enjoyed getting back into classrooms training and collaborating with teachers! Please let me know if you or your staff is in need of training.

The Global Learner Blog will be having new additions this year! Fifteen very motivated teachers joined me at the annual TIE conference in Copper Mountain during July. Each attendee is working on a project implementing technology resources and ideas from the conference. We'll post updates as they progress. Some projects include: iPad implementations, student film creations, Google Lit. Trips, student portfolios, and much, much more!

If you are working on a project (with or without technology), we would love to know about it. Please encourage teachers throughout the Adams 14 Family to read our blog, get ideas, and share they are doing with the world!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recycled Fashion

Check out our Recycled Fashion Fashion Show at Rose Hill with runway music provided by our 3rd and 4th graders. Click here to see the photos. I am having trouble uploading the music to this blog but I will post a link to the website when I get them posted. The top three outfits were displayed in the Aspen EcoFest.
I found a great IPad tool that I used with our autistic third grader this year. Since our school is getting the SSN program this coming year I want to get more tools for our special needs kids. When we were doing our piano unit, I let this particular student use an app called Sound Prism which is built on a triad system, so pretty much everything you do sounds good! He loved it and would ask to play the "color piano".

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kindergarten Writing Rubric

My colleague, Mrs. Nazarenus, developed an amazing rubric that my children found to be helpful as they wrote during writing time! Kate identified six focus skills that the kids need to work on in order to produce grade-level work. The skills include: conventions, ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency and voice. Kate included kid-friendly pictures and words so that they feel comfortable using the rubric as they write. The photo included within this blog entry shows a student referring to the rubric as she worked on her piece of writing!


Kindergarten Graduation!

The kids graduated from kindergarten and are ready for 1st grade! Yay! This year was an amazing year in kindergarten. All of the students who began the school year with me ended up ON or ABOVE grade-level! Congrats kiddos! The children learned how to read, write and spell so many words. I am so proud of the progress that they have made and I can't wait for them to succeed with the rest of their educational careers!

To celebrate the end of the year, the children decorated their own graduation cap, ate scrumptious cookies and put on a concert for their family and friends! Thanks to the music teacher, Mrs. Lewis, the children sang and chanted nearly 15 songs as they enjoyed being the center of attention!

Congrats to all of the kids for making this year one of the most memorable and fun years ever! Good luck in first grade!