Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lesson on Measurement

I am very excited to be using my Promeathean Board on a daily basis. I have downloaded and used many lessons from Promeathean Planet. Many of the lessons are students friendly and I can have my students use the Promeathean Board as a center. Also, many lessons can be modified to better fit the needs of your own lessons. My students are "experts" on the board and enjoy using it everyday.
One lesson that I used the board for was a measurement lesson where students had to compare the length of various lines. Also, they had to measure and weigh each other and record their findings. They really enjoyed this process of using the tape measures and scales.

I have to say that the board allows for the visual learning that many kids respond to, all of my students are actively engaged and want to have their turn on the board to show what they know and can do.
During the measurement lesson they genuinely understood the concepts of measurement because the lesson was delivered using the Promeathean Board. It is colorful and interactive which keeps students' attention.
We are definately excited about using the board!!
I also use the board to have students view and help update our class blog.

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