Monday, November 30, 2009

Atomic Lesson Reflection

So I will try this AGAIN!
Reflection ocean ecosystems lesson
I have been teaching this lesson in some way for four years. This however was the first time I did it using web cams to view the ocean ecosystems. Our last I.B. unit was on oceans and part of that requires the students to study the different ecosystems. I found a website that has different web cams set up to view the exhibits at the aquarium. This was a fantastic way for the students to view the ecosystems. This was their first time to experience a web cam and they loved it. For so many students who have never been to the ocean it made an impact. It really was a simple lesson to set up and thankfully no glitches! I will definitely use this again next year. I just hope the aquarium has a few more ecosystem web cams set up. I closed the lesson by letting students share what they observed and any wonderings their observations led to. We also completed a Venn diagram on the Smart Board. Even though, students are well versed in Venn diagrams the use of the Smart Board upped the interest. So, I guess I can give my self a pat on the back for this one! ha!

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Dave Tarwater said...

I could look at the Monteray Bay webcams all day, they are fascinating. I will send you some other links to ocean webcams. Also have your tried Google Oceans?