Monday, November 30, 2009

Reflection about Collaborative Project with Mrs. Berry's class

Kelly and I have worked on a Power Point in Google Docs. We decided to do a compare and contrast of our schools and classrooms. My students were excited to see what Mrs. Berry's class was posting. They were also excited to share and take photos of our classroom and playground.

When students viewed the finished product they were suprised to find out that our classroom had some things in common and pointed out the things that were different.

Come check out our blog to view their hard work for the project.

I did have trouble uploading photos and tried many different things, I send the photos to Kelly in an email and she was going to upload them for me. After meeting with fellow Global Learners from my own school, I was told that maybe flickr from Yahoo would work because this allows you to upload images, resize them and embed them as a url and it worked.

It has been an interesting journey to complete this collaborative project. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out to Kelly for being such a patient and understanding mentor...I know it hasn't been easy! Our Global Learners support group has also been a big help with projects and sharing new findings.

I am excited to get started on the second half of the expectations.

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