Monday, November 16, 2009

PowerPoint SOS

We are currently creating PowerPoint presentations for our IB unit on oceans. I guess I forgot how incredibly challenging it is for 3rd graders to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions for teaching PowerPoint quickly? What about for saving and or uploading images for about 12 computers at once into their presentations ? I really wish we still had technology classes for our young learners! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

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Kelly Berry said...

Brianna ~ I introduced Power Point to my students over the last two years and I'm glad to see you working on a new tool. We (I do) often do things on the smartboard first and go with baby steps. Once I've shown them a step or two, then they return to their computer to do the next steps.

In regards to photos. I like to upload safe photos to a site (google site or a wiki if you're working with a team). Once the approved pictures are loaded you can demonstrate how students find the pictures. You'd be surprised how quickly they learn to cut and paste... My sample Google Site -