Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I can't believe the year is over

I have learned so very much with this group. What an awesome group of people and such knowledge bouncing around. It has been such a true honor working with all of you and I thank you. I have also learned one important thing about me.... Not that I am impressed with this knowledge but find it interesting. My father, if her were alive would be a front runner with this type of education. He earned the equivalent of 3 PhD's in math and science; but after having comleted all of the work to earn this, he refused to submit his thesises. He always told me, the recognition is not necessary. He got what he needed and thus went on with life. I always honored him for his work and for what he believed in. I have never looked for recognition, never feeling it to be that important. I do my work, probably overkill on that aspect, I am a work a holic just ask my peers and family. I really get everything done on time and do more than my share.... When it came to this project this year, it has been very hard for me to submit the work of students as well as myself. Only this week, as I look back do I see the amount of work accomplished. I have taught others in my school, taken a leader role to make sure that all of my peers have had all the tech help they need to be able to work, I have helped conduct trainings with my peer global learners and watched my students grow by leaps and bounds, yet it has taken me weeks beyond my limit to get on this to write, to get ready to mail things to Dave. During this time period, I have zeroed in on my father's philosophy. Interesting.
Please know how I honor all of you for your work, your projects and love of education. Thanks for the great experience, Jeri

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another year over....

I am terrible.... the year is over! And I'm just now blogging. What a year! It was full of craziness and success. I ended the year with kindergartners who were very bummed to discover that in 1st grade, they would not have as much access to the technology they had in kindergarten. The SMART board has become a tool that they used as well as learned on. When the 2010-11 school year begins....I'm slated to move into 5th grade... the nervousness has begun! I've had dreams about it! Ahh!! But, I am excited to be working with Liz, and to use technology with older kids. It's going to be exciting!

By the way, here is one website to help with math! I used it towards the end of year with my kinders who were a little more advanced: www.aaaknow.com. They've got lots of support material for k-8!