Saturday, May 1, 2010

Without a Smartboard!

Dear SMART Board,
I love you so much! You make my teaching engaging and the kids love you! I enjoy making creative Storytown and math lessons. I love that you don't care that there are 10 million grubby little hands all over you everyday! I wish more teachers would just believe me, when I say, "The SMART board is the best invention EVER!" We are working to get more of you into the hands of teachers, along with the appropriate training! SMART board, you and I have had some really good times together this year.
Do you remember when we taught our kindergartners how to log-on to the computer, click on FireFox, type in , navigate to Word World, and together helped kids to become better readers? Or how about the time when I created interactive, kareoke type lessons to go with our math songs? I know, I'm just as sick of them as you are, but our kindergartners LOVE them! Do you remember when the Walk Through Team came through and gave us ALL 3 check marks for student engagement! That was thanks you to SMART board!
I also better give a shout-out and many thanks to your friends the projector, lap-top, and printer! Oh projector, we couldn't have done all of it without you! Lap-top, you made a critical role in the development of the spectular SMART board lesson, blogs and websites that were created and maintained this year! AND printer, you showed everyone that you can have accountability with technology!
Thank you technology for making my student 21st Century learners this year! Thanks again!
Jenny Ceretto :)

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Liz Springer said...

Dear Jenny,

The Smartboard loves you too and is sad to be leaving you so soon...
Your friend,

Liz :)