Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project Wrap-up(s)

I think I began wrapping up projects at least a month ago. It seems like it has been about that long. We are working towards completing all of our collaborative projects (4 total) by next week so we can watch presentations during the last week of school.

We are working on:
1. Collaborative Symmetry lesson with Ms. Lopez' Kindergarten class in Center - The focus will be students demonstrating their knowledge and creating questions for the other class.
2. 1st/3rd grade Collaborative Fairy Tale Project with Ms. Sealy's class - Students had to summarize and retell the lesson they learned from various fairy tales. Students are completing their photo-stories this week!
3. Plant and Animal PowerPoint Presentations - These are taking more time due to our access to computers, but the kids have been really patient and have remembered their learning. I'm going to post my PowerPoint outlines for both the animal presentation and the plant presentation on Atomic Learning - feel free to use and adapt as you see fit!
4. Academic Language Development - I'm challenging my ALD kids to create fiction stories with a plot. The challenge is not coming up with the plot, but for them to make every sentence include details and/or a robust vocabulary word. They have really enjoyed the challenge thus far. We will begin publishing via photostory, kidspiration, or another avenue next week. Let us know if you have a new technology tool to try!

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