Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sea Monkeys!

Leilani asked if she could bring her Sea Monkeys to school. Being that I am teaching early childhood, I thought it would be a great way to intrinsically motivate the students to create rich language opportunities, enhance writing skills and enable the children to ask questions and learn about new ideas.

Before Leilani shared the Sea Monkeys with the children, the students wrote predictions about what they thought the Sea Monkey looked like.

Leilani shared that the Sea Monkeys love the sun. She feeds them algae to crave their hunger and to keep them healthy.

After learning about the Sea Monkeys, the children returned to their seats and wrote about two things that they learned about the Sea Monkeys.

Thanks to Leilani for sharing her treasure!

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Kelly Berry said...

Great job integrating 21st Century Skills into your standards based instruction! How many more pets have visited since?