Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Student made PPT's

I am sorry to be posting a second post but I hit the wrong buttons last night.  Any way this might help catch me up on my log entries.  I had my students do two PPT's (one in Science and the other in Colorado History) to be presented to the rest of the class using our Promethean boards and if you follow the following link you can look at some of them .  They are not perfect, but works in progress.  I learned a lot about doing this.  I found out that having a few example to show and spending more time in the beginning processes would drastically increase productivity and quality.  I also need to allow more time for research and encourage the students daily to follow their Rubric and Expectation pages.  These two projects opened up a lot of good dialog between the students an also between my students and myself.  It opened up dialogue like the importance of citing work, why good grammar is important, and many other topics.  Over all the students learned a lot and got a lot out of the process.

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