Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why I Use Technology in my Science Class

This past year as a Global Learner has been an exciting one. I have tried things I have never tried before: creating blogs and wikis, using digital photographs, created many lessons using my SmartBoard, and collaborated with teachers at ACMS and ACHS. For my last blog post this school year, I will try to answer the question, "Why do I value technology as a science teacher?" My response is based on the growth I have seen in my students this year.

Why I Value Technology as a Science Teacher
1. Inquiry becomes more relevant when I use technology in the inquiry activities.

2. Technology allows me and my students to do what would be difficult to do without technology (ie. look at a real-time video of the active volcano in Iceland)

3. Technology helps me engage my students. It not only increases student participation and interest in science, but it also gives my students more respect for me. They see that I am not technologically illeterate. I am a participating member in our technological society, and I want them to become proficient not just in my content, but in their 21st Century skills.

4. Many scientific ideas are complex and abstract. As a result, I often see many misconceptions that my students have. Technology can help me address the misconceptions of my students, and make complex content more accessible to them.

A Word of Advice
To any teacher reading this and wondering if there is any basic advice for how to implement technology in your class, I leave you with this:

Focus on the science content and not on the mechanics of the technology. Definitely plan for some time with students just exploring the new technology. Then, when students' curiosity is satisfied, teach your lessons.

Thanks so much to everyone for a great year!!

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devry university chicago said...

I agree with you that technology makes our life easier. I also admire educators who are literate in technology because some of them are not and did not even try to study anymore. Anyway, thank you for sharing this information. I truly appreciate your effort.