Wednesday, April 22, 2009

UNITE Session Agenda 4/23/09

Hello Global Learners,

Here is the agenda for Thursday, April 23, 2009 from 9am to 3:30pm.

9:00-9:45 Introductions and Ignite Session
Student email accounts: Liz Springer
Voice thread: Jon Fisher
Live blogging/TextTheMob: Todd Mayville
Blogger/Google site: Doug Abshire
Ning: Todd Mayville & Liz Springer
Glogster: Liz Springer
Atomic Learning: Doug Abshire
Smart Board: Jeff Lewis
Clickers: Wesley Robinson
Video/story making: Kelly & Emily

9:45-10:45 Break out into groups as follows:
Elementary Group led by Kelly and Liz
Secondary Group led by Justin, Todd, and Doug

This hour will be for questions and concerns around GL issues specific to grade level. It will be in the format of a round table discussion for GLs to voice their ideas.

10:45-12:00 Work Time
Let’s start collaborating and idea sharing with other GLs. By lunch time, be ready to post on the blog about what you’ve discussed and worked on so far. What ideas are you going to pursue? Please visit the blog during the day and comment on this question.

12:00-12:30 Lunch
Text The Mob—vote for your top 3 choices on what you want to learn more about from this morning’s Ignite Session.

12:30-1:30 Q & A on new technologies and 2.0 Applications
Tables will be set up and GLs will visit each table to learn more about new technologies and 2.0 applications.

1:30-2:45 Work Time
Your goal is to complete a collaborative lesson to be shared with others. You do not necessarily need to plan a big project with another class. You can develop a lesson with a colleague that both people will implement in their respective classrooms.

2:45-3:15 Regroup
Get into ELEMENTARY and SECONDARY groups to follow-up and report out:
1. Here's my success for the day
2. Here's something I'm still wondering about and want to follow-up on
3. Here's the next thing I'm going to try in my classroom: lesson plan and commitment with results posted to blog prior to the end of this school year (June 4).

3:15-3:30 Next steps...future of Global Learner

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