Thursday, April 23, 2009

new and improved reading centers

This is the time of year that my reading group and myself are getting a bit bored with our reading centers routine. I'd like to use this as an opportunity to spice things up a bit. Next week we are doing lesson 27 in reading. The main selection is a story about spiders. With this in mind I have downloaded some united streaming clips about spiders to download onto my set of video iPods. At one center, students will watch the clips on their iPod and then they will do a drawing of a spider and label its' different parts. I will also do a vocabulary center using the smart board and having students match vocabulary words to their definitions. I am also thinking about how to incorporate voicethread into reading centers as well. Any ideas?


Kate Ibarra said...

I completely understand the "restlessness" at reading centers this time of year. Your "new and improved" centers sound amazing! I struggle with accountability at every center so I really like your video plus the diagram! Great integration of science and literacy. I am curious if you have an accountability piece for the smartboard center and how that works? What grade do you teach?

Joseph Miller said...

Great lesson. The students are going to love the diversity of activities and will learn a ton! Like the word cephalathorax and entomologist.