Thursday, April 23, 2009

Live Scribe in math

Hey Guys, check this out. This is a new tool (toy?) called LiveScribe. It allowed me to write out a math problem from my AP Calc class, and solve it just as if I were demonstrating to my students, then save both the writing and my voice online and share it. You can see the document here but it appears that you need to have the LiveScribe software to hear the voice. My next goal is to learn how to use Voicethread and use either or both of these tools to create web-based lessons and resources for my students to access from anywhere. Dave bought his at Target for about $150.00.
This is my first try so ... here goes...
Click here to see the document or click the LiveScribe home page for more information.
Line tangent to a curve
brought to you by Livescribe
Tom Deaguero
Adams City HS

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