Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Help with audio files, again

I was so excited to post about my classroom blog. I spent a while over the weekend creating simple Glogster posters with scanned in pictures and mp3 files of my students reading. I sent home a permission to publish form for parents to sign. Today I started posting the Glogster posters and I found that they took a long time loading. Some didn't finish loading before timing out. I found they worked better in IE. I am afraid some the families that do have computers and internet will have older web browsers and have even more trouble than I was having. So I've been searching for alternatives. I can easily post the scanned pictures. I can't upload audio files on blogger. Jeff suggested Internet Archive and I uploaded a few audio files. From there, Internet Archive provides a script to embed. I embed it into the post. Sometimes I can play the file from the post, sometimes, pressing play does nothing. I can't figure out what's going on. Does anyone have other suggestions for a place to host my audio files so I can embed them into Blogger? Liz or anyone have more experience with Glogster? Their website does not have any type of FAQ or help page that is worthwhile for actually troubleshooting or finetuning your glog or embedding it.


Lisa Kellogg said...

Actually, I think I figured out a possibility that might work. Last Thursday, Emily mentioned you could use images in Movie Maker. So I made a movie with one image-the picture drawn by a student, and an audio track of the voice recording. Then I saved it as a movie. Blogger lets me upload movies. I think this may be the way to go unless someone has other suggestions.
Thanks, Lisa

Joseph Miller said...

Great idea. You could load to vimeo or youtube. The video will then easily embed in blogger. Great work around!

Liz Springer said...

For your audio files... We just record ours right in audacity (which is quick and easy to load onto any computer). I don't convert them, but just save them as WAV files. Then they easily upload onto Glogster.