Monday, April 27, 2009

better late than never?

... At least that is what my mom once told me.

Anyway, back in early February I was teaching a habitats unit for science and decided to give my students a virtual feel for the habitats that are very different from that which we experience here in Colorado. The first habitat we studied was the tropical rainforest. I borrowed a camera from DT and took a weekend trip to the Botanical Gardens (one of my favorite places in Denver!). With my video footage I put together some shots and "edited" them in Windows Movie Maker. This was only my second attempt at filmmaking with Movie Maker and the first was in college a couple years back with still photos. Needless to say it ended up being more work than I thought! It was a lot of fun and the students LOVED IT! (2nd graders really believe that I flew down to the rainforest, haha)

Due to deadlines and lesson plans I didn't edit it very well and therefore, have been reluctant to post it on here.... But here it is nonetheless! Its very rough, but it served its purpose. (there is actually a typo in there I forgot to correct! Whoops! *teachable moment!*- Now that I mentioned it I'm sure you'll all watch it just to find it! A scavenger hunt, if you will.)

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Joseph Miller said...

Nice job. I am not surprised that your kids loved it. I wonder if you asked groups of students to films a habitat around the school grounds what they would come up with. What do you think?