Thursday, April 23, 2009

Professional development that works

Today, the Global Learning team and I were reminded of the excitement and enhanced teaching and learning that technology can provide. We were introduced to many new things and I am excited to try them in the classroom. I was very interested in Glogging on Glogster. This seems like a great way to work on visual maps of units or even have students highlight daily learning or weekly learning. I will continue to work with other global learners so that I can learn more about glogs. Luc and I were reminded of how much we enjoy voice thread and worked on creating voice threads for unit 6. We are also thinking about how we can best use them to enhance student learning. We are thinking of some way to use them to accentuate content objective and help students make connections to what we are doing in class. Ning seemed like it could have many applications for the classroom. Eagon and I will need to develop that idea further. I am interested in the atomic learning website, but did not have enough time to get help with it. There were other Global Learners from Kearney that I can go to for help.

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