Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recommendations for class website?

Hi. I know we've discussed this topic several times before, but I'd love some thoughts on a few particular issues.

I responded to the "What are you doing now?" post about our letters about Mo Willem's book. I have finally scanned all my students' pictures and am working on recording the audio of my students reading their own letters. The plan is to create a webpage to share this project. I started with the Google site I created at the beginning of the year, but I can't host audio files on it. Then I spent time on a Wikispaces site. I can upload my pictures and audio. However, I'd also like a convenient way for people to comment on student work, yet I want to be able to filter them for inappropriate content. From what I can tell on Wikispaces, I can recieve notice when someone has posted on the discussion page, but I thought some sites allowed managers to okay posts before they appear on the site. Also, I was having a hard time putting a hit map on the site and I know many people say a hit map is an exciting widgit for students. It doesn't look like Blogger hosts audio files.

So here is my question for you. Is there a site that can host our pictures and audio files, can allow me to monitor/grant permission for comments, and let me easily use a hit map? Or perhaps, you all have not had issues with inappropriate comments and permission is not a necessary factor. What are your thoughts?


Jeff Lewis said...

I have used Blogger to post podcasts. I have one here: It is a file of fourth and fifth graders re-recording the audio for a StoryTown readers theater.

I uploaded the audio file to They provide the code to embed the audio and the player to your blog. Then you could upload the picture too and moderate comments.

Joseph Miller said...


I wonder if wetpaint will allow this. Checkout how Kathy at Central is using it:

I like the look and feel of wetpaint, but the file capacity is limited. I think you can create discussion threads. You have to be a member of the site to post a thread, but I do not believe the threads are then approved by the owner...might ask Kathy.

Liz Springer said...

USE NING!!! Seriously, this is everything you are looking for...let's talk Thursday.