Thursday, April 23, 2009

GL Day

I have learned many things to use in my class today.
Here are some of the things I will take back and use with my students.

Trekstor: This is a wireless recorder. It is used by students recording in it and then playing it back. Students do need headphones for this. I thought this would be great to use with students that struggle with writing. I have a few students that know what they want to say in writing, but can't put it on paper. This Trekstor gives students an opportunity to record a sentence, play it back and then write what they recorded. I think it will help students that have thoughts they can't get on paper.
Also, students can record a passage they read and play it back. This will help students understand how they sound when they read and they can hear how they need to improve their reading. (prosody, fluency, etc.)

Glogster: A fun site! Students can create a poster about a story we have read and reflect through glogster what they have learned. They can also do this for other subjects, such as science. This site gives students the opportunities to be creative when reflecting on their learning. All students love to be creative!

Webcam: I learned how to use this and how to upload it in my blogspot. Lisa Kellogg and I will be using this with our classes. We will be proposing questions and the other class with answer with the solutions, and vice versa.

This was a great day! I learned so much and can't wait to go back and implement it in my classroom!



Liz Springer said...

Sara, I forgot about Trekstor. Yes, this is a great tool. I had fun working out some smartboard issues with you today! Thanks for all your help! I'll be calling on you a lot next year to give me more inspiration! All in all, a great day :)

Kate Ibarra said...

Trekstor sounds awesome! I can't wait to see how it works out with 2nd graders!