Thursday, April 23, 2009

First grade collaborative plant project

First grade collaborative plant project.
Kelly Berry, Jon Fisher
Students will develop a testable research question and design an experiment to test their question. They will make careful observations of their test and control plant. Students will share their observations twice per week using VoiceThread. Students will collaborate with their distance learning partners by asking questions and making predictions via the response features of VoiceThread.

Example questions:
What happens if you cut off half of the leaves?
What happens if you cover some of the leaves with foil?
Will a plant grow without soil?
Will a plant grow upside down?

We are looking for some feedback to get our project started. What are some other questions to investigate? We would likely start with nursery pre-potted plants. Does anyone have suggestions as to the best plants to use?


Kate Ibarra said...

This project sounds awesome! I am about to start a plant unit for my ESL block and I am curious if my class could have access to your voicethreads? Is there a way for my students to comment on them?

As for more testable hypotheses:
Will a plant grow in the dark?
What happens when you don't water a plant?
What happens if you give it too much water?

Jon Fisher said...

Kate, of course you are welcome. Once the voicethreads are up we will publish the links and we encourage your class to comment. You will need to get a VoiceThread account and you may want to set up some identities for groups of your students. If you need help with that then I can swing by your school sometime after school.