Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Science we are working on how to use the scientific process (method) with our investigations, and I thought that I could easily integrate technology into this standard.
The students designed their focus questions, made predictions, came up with a way to collect data, and designed the process they would use to conduct their investigations, and then we simply recorded them in action and posted it to our wiki. We also recorded their claims and evidence, conclusions, and reflections, but the have not been added yet.
We did mini videos for each part of the process, and I think this was the final boost they needed to see how the process breaks down.
The students were very motivated by this activity. There are seven special education students in this particular class, and it was great to see their involvement in the video and scientific process.
One thing that I would do differently is to make sure I have sufficient microphone coverage, as we had to do a lot of choral reading just to make their voices audible (I just used the web cam to video). I was also wondering how to combine my clips into a longer video, but today I met with Emily and she showed me how to use Movie Maker-- so next time I'll be ready!
An extra bonus to this activity is that I got more students from other homerooms to check out my classes’ wiki, where I have a lot of learning links posted.
These videos are great for a smile- fourth graders are so… well, fourth grade and cute!

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