Saturday, February 27, 2010

Writing lesson using Atomic Learning

After viewing a tutorial on Atomic Learning, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do as part of the lesson that I needed to turn in. I talked to another Global Learner and the Global Learner suggested that I have my kids take pictures and do a Photo Story with pictures. Since my class is having a hard time with sentences, I found a flipchart on "What is a Sentence?" We viewed the flipchart (took us a couple of days because it was pretty long and I took time with it--had good information). Then I told my class that I wanted to see complete sentences in their writing since they were able to show me that they understood what a complete sentence is. During our writing time, I had several kids take pictures of the class. I then downloaded them on my computer and with help from another Global Learner we put the photos together with music. I was so excited with the finished product. It was time consuming and very stressful, but the end product was successful.
Tita Martinez @ Haskin Elementary in Center, CO.

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