Thursday, February 25, 2010

Math Night Success

Tonight our school had Math Night. Another GL and I ran the technology piece of the night. We had a computer lab full of students and parents interacting with math via websites and Smart Board activities. It was a total success and the kids loved it.

In other news, I am in the middle of making my first voicethread with my ELD group. It is going much better than expected and the students love the voice recording feature. Once we have it complete I will post for you all to view. I also have a couple of girls creating glogster poster for the story Lon Po Po. My only wish is that I had enough computers for all of my students to be able to do this. I love introducing such great technology to my students.


Kelly Berry said...

Your math night sounds great. What a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and spend time with their families.

I look forward to seeing your voicethreads and glogster posters. How do your students find their pictures and media for their glogs? We're starting a glog in first grade...

Mrs. Nuzzo Ziegler said...

My school is hosting our first Math Night in the next three weeks. I would appreciate any suggestions or guidance.