Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Online Activities

I have really been working hard at finding grade level appropriate things for my students to do at my technology literacy centers. My students are really into typing high-frequency words into Microsoft word and then printing it out! Not only does it hold them accountable for their work, but they think they are big shots! I have also found a couple of engaging websites that my kindergarten students love! The first one is Word World on, the next one is, and the third one is: The second one is really great because students can hear the letters, words, and sentences read to them. The last website can be interesting because the pictures aren't always clear!

My kindergartners also are always in engaged in the Smartboard lessons created at the Phenix Public school site ( In order to make them accountable for the Smartboard work, they have to take a picture of it with at least two members of the group in it! They LOVE it!

Does anyone else have ideas for accountability and technology?

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Kelly Berry said...

Great resources Jenny! I can definitely see students working with the sight word games - the words are fairly quick, but clear.

What SmartBoard activities were you referring to on the StoryTown resource page? I'd love to take a look at your SB center work. Our literacy block is extremely tight and we do not have a lot of time for a computer center, but I'd love to reevaluate our time and integrate it into our day.