Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Riddles

To keep things simple and easy for myself, I used our class blog for student products this month. I did a collaborative project with Melissa and Michelle in second grade geometry. Our students wrote shape riddles and we posted them on our class blogs. Now, the other classes will look at those shape riddles and leave comments and answers. If you or your students also want to answer those riddles, we are always happy for more comments.
Kellogg Class Blog
     I used the same format for my English Language Development class. They wrote holiday riddles and drew pictures. Please take a look at those as well because we don't have any comments yet.
     Also, in my classroom we use the SmartBoard all the time. My students are quite comfortable with Notebook software, so I usually have one of them at the board any time we are doing something routine. I have presentation or air mouse, so I can stand in the back of the room and quickly click to correct something if necessary without having to run up to the board. It's quite an excellent set up. I recommend getting a presentation mouse if you don't have one.

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Dave Tarwater said...


Your class did a great job on the holiday riddles. Their reading and their drawings were outstanding.