Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comic Life

Recently as I was viewing the Atomic learning lessons I found an application called Comic Life. I am having fun trying it out and even used it tonight with a tutoring group. A question though that I am asking any and all of you is about the picture gallery. It seems now that you have to find all your images and save them in a file there aren't any provided. Does anyone know an easy way to gather a huge collection of pictures? Or am I just missing something? Also, if any of you have used this and have great ideas for lessons or projects I would love to borrow them! Thanks.


Kelly Berry said...

I haven't taken a look at the lesson "Comic Life". Here are two things I have done in the past for getting pictures/template to my kids:

1: create a wiki or google site with appropriately chosen pictures.

2: upload photos to the "my pictures" folder on my school drive. If you chose this option, any computer will need to be logged in as you...Let me know if this helps!

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