Monday, February 22, 2010


Seems like everyone has such great ideas for using technology! My second grade class is about to begin researching their favorite insect to write an informational paragraph that includes a main idea and supporting details. I want to publish their writing in an engaging way using technology and just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for publishing! Thanks!


Emily Taylor said...

Here are some ideas!
1. They could create a podcast of them reading them aloud.
2. Create a photo story with pictures of their insect that they find online and either type on the photos or record their voices.
3. Make a glogster where they type their paragraphs and include images/photos.

It sounds like a fun project! Have fun!

Sarah Feaster said...

The first thing that came to my mind was also something EMily said.... glogster. I had 2 of my students start one today for a story we read and the are loving it.

Kelly Berry said...

Another idea is to create a powerpoint template. This allows the students to know what is expected in their powerpoint with a little more guidance from you. After they complete their powerpoint, you can upload the entire file to VoiceThread. VoiceThread will keep each slide separate and then as students present, they can record their voice. If you have a class website or blog the VoiceThreads can be uploaded or linked. Have fun! Your kids will LOVE any of the projects.