Sunday, February 21, 2010 (brainwave entrainment equipment)

NeuroSky MindSet - Brainwave Sensing

from the website


Interpreting your mind

Your brain speaks a "language" of electrical impulses. The MindSet plays the part of the translator, communicating your emotional states.

Smart chips

The MindSet contains advanced components to sense and interpret your brainwaves, and is able to determine your level of attention and meditation.


Is this the future? Using brain wave and brain wave entrainment to control computer actions with our mental activity? How cool is this? What possible applications might there be in the classroom? New student engagement strategies? Used for accomodations for spec ed students? .... 21st C technology!....

Here is a video from the company .

Having used hemi-sync for many years as well as holo-sync and DAVID, I realize the power of binaural beat / brainwave entrainment.

What a future for those with the imagination and the skills to make it happen! What do you think!

Enjoy, Doug


Kelly Berry said...

WOW! My husband's sci-fi shows could become a reality!

In the classroom students could really let their creativity flow - readers and non-readers alike.

Devlin Dewitt Donnelly said...


Check out Brainwave Sculptures at to experience an extraordinary and GIANT collection of meditative brainwave entrainment audio.