Saturday, February 6, 2010 and My Classroom Experience..Thank you Jusitn

Hi Everyone,
Last summer, Justin showed us the website Recently, I used it to help my students understand elements of fiction such as character, setting, plot and it also helped with dialogue and develop an understanding of character traits. It was incredibly fast and easy to use and had students collaborating beautifully!
Students LOVED it and it worked, but one word of caution; some of the images are kind of PG 13 and students did get a little racy. You might want to set some limits with them, but the rewards were worth it. They took more pride in their work knowing others would look at it and it also alerted me to some issues such as not understanding apostrophe use and where quotation marks are used with end punctuation.
Next week I am going to challenge them to create more mini movies that are appropriate to post here and show everyone.


Dave Tarwater said...


An engaging activity, please send me links or post links on the blog. Please tell your students I would like to see their dvolver projects.

Penny said...

I will do that tomorrow. Also, I want to teach them how to writing and we are going to learn how to make Vokis. Afterwards, they are going to write directions.