Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Technology in our schools

As a global learner sometimes we forget how ingrained technology can be in ourselves and not in others. I just gave a technology presentation at my school about all the different technologies we have at our school and how folks can take advantage of them. I was surprised at how many people were thankful as they did not even know what was available. The next step is leading some techy classes at our school now. Our most exciting addition is the document cameras!! Why doesn't every class come already equipped with these???? I'm in love! We'd like to have a small ceremony no presents please. =)


Dinjche said...


Schools today have access to amazing tools and technologies which help students with different styles learn more effectively. Visualization is important part of learning.
Please let teachers in your school district know that they can access to hundreds of free activities on our website www.dositey.com.
We develop interactive programs that are step-by-step and have a strong visual learning component.

Best regards,
Irina Stojanovic
Dositey Corporation

Kelly Berry said...

You are so right on your point about how Global Learners have ingrained technology into our every day. Recently I help a coworker set up a laptop to display a PDF book so her entire class could read the phonics skills. She is thrilled to be able to continue this weekly with the other phonics/decoable books (1st Grade). Have fun with your document camera!

Joseph Miller said...


Damn! No presents? Does that mean I have to return the sweet ____ I got for you?

Document cameras are an amazing technology. That said, the expectation for their use needs to be high. In science they must be invaluable to demonstrate (explain and model!) how to do labs, etc... What do you beliece are the top three best uses for a document camera in the classroom?