Monday, February 22, 2010

Math Presentations

As the year has progressed my students have turned into wonderful readers and writers. Of course with their knew knowledge and skills comes the ability to have more responsibility. Last week we had a place value math assessment. Place value can be one of the most challenging unit for students, yet the most eye-opening for me as a teacher.

Once children successfully completed their assessment, they had the opportunity to complete a "Ways to Show Numbers" PowerPoint presentation. I created a template for the first five slides and they were responsible for slide six. We're still working to complete the presentations, but I have learned a lot. One thing is now students want to count tally marks by tens! Small review will get us back on track. Another WOW was how quickly they became self-sufficient at using PowerPoint. One day I showed them copy and paste (all watched me make a presentation), the next day I saved their file and let them roll without many questions. This certainly inspires me to become more of a risk-taker with new technology projects.

On another note, my next goal is to integrate nursery rhymes into my ALD lessons. I have the most advanced readers and writers during this time. Last week we read Humpty Dumpty and out of my 30 students, two had ever heard the rhyme and no one knew it by heart. If anyone has any suggestions for a nursery rhyme and/or folk tale unit I'd love to hear it!

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