Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is art? Fun with Wordle.

(Image from Wordle.) This past week in my Theory of Knowledge class, we attempted to define art. Several examples were given until I re-directed the students and told them what we really needed was a definition of art, not examples of it. We sent out an email, Tweeted it, sent it out on Facebook, text messages, and any other way we could think to get our question out there. I told my students in my freshman and sophomore classes that they could get in on it if they could. Once we got our responses, I created word cloud to add to the blog as a means to help us see what the "big words" (literally) were when it came to the definition of art. It was quite an experiment, and as I've never used word clouds before, it was a good exercise for me as well. Our results are here... check it out if you get a chance, and feel free to add your definition via our comments!

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Kelly Berry said...

Your students have come up with great definitions of art. Although they are similar, each has it's own subjectivity.

How long and narrow might this project have been if it were "back in the day?"