Sunday, October 4, 2009

September Blog

The old adage "A day late and a dollar short" would be the way to describe my school year thus far. Utilizing new technologies with technological difficulties is a challenge. I think that we have finally taken care of minute problems that have been occuring and am looking forward to a new month of learning.
My class utilizes the Promethean board on a daily basis and the students love it. We have been all over the world in geography and have seen how real scientists conduct experiments. We have more access to current events and my students are realizing that there is an entire world just waiting for them to explore.
We are beginning to try to put together a class photo story and am looking forward to the opportunity to share it with all of you once it is complete.


Dave Tarwater said...


It sounds like your classroom is evolving. Despite the technology glitches it appears your students are excited to have these tools available to them. Will your students be getting laptops in January?

I look forward to seeing your class photo story.


cshearin said...


Unfortunately third graders will not be getting laptops this year. I am hopeful that we will be in next years budget. Being a part of this project will help with that as the District will see the need for our third graders to have access at all times also.