Friday, October 30, 2009

October blog

I am really enjoying using the Promethean board. We do calendar on the promethean board every day. The calendar for October has math integrated into it. It has the base ten blocks and ones for students to drag how many days we have been in school, weather graphing, a part about "Tell me everything you know about the number 29 for instance, depending on the date.
As children share their thoughts, I type them up on the board for all to see. The children are enjoying dragging the objects.
Tita Martinez
Haskin Elementary
Center, Colorado 81125

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Jon Fisher said...

It's great you've got the students so involved and interested with the Promethean board on a daily basis. The calendar activity is a great thing to do. One thing that I do is to count tens and ones with the date. So October 29 becomes 2 tens and 9 ones. Good luck and keep up the good work!