Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Experiment Using Vernier

Hi all,

This month, my students did an experiment using Vernier digital data collecting equipment. They recorded the temperature of their palm. Then, they ran in place for two minutes. Then, they recorded the temperature of their palm again. Here is the web address of their blog about the experiment:


If you have time, please leave them a comment! Thanks!

This was their first time using a blog and my first time having students use a blog. What a blast!



Dave Tarwater said...


It was so exciting witnessig the engagement and learning going on during your Vernier temperature probe lesson, the students were fantastic.

Kelly Berry said...

Well, for being your first time blogging with the kids, it appears to have gone smoothly! Nice work engaging the students in practical data collection. Were they able to make connections to other types of experiments?