Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey Global Learners! Any ideas?

Hello Global Learners!
I'm not participating in GL this year because I'm working on my administrative license, but I love checking the blog and seeing all the fantastic happenings going on. I do have a project in mind for my school, and I was wondering if your collected brilliance had any ideas on how to implement it. I would like use a website to upload and share ready-to-go templates and lessons among staff at my school- particularly GLET and theme-test oriented lessons. While I know there's lots of places where you can download Smartboard templates and whatnot (Thanks Dave!) I want something that can be localized a little for our district. I took a look at Atomic Learning, and it is more of a training site, and not so much a lesson sharing site. I could use our school's website, but, ah, that might take more work than I envision. What do you think? Is there a user-friendly (I could train my staff) website where you can upload and share lessons? Thanks! Y'all rock! Go Broncos!

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JennyB said...

Could you use the High Quality Teacher Resource Center to post them? There is a tab for lesson planning, I believe. It seems like the most logical place to me! Drew, Dorothy, and I are working on getting StoryTown lessons created for the Smartboard and that would be a great place to post those!