Monday, October 5, 2009

3 FOR FREE Online MultiMedia Meeting Room

Check out this great FREE offer from Elluminate. I created my FREE account and it has worked well both in the District and from home. A great way to collaborate live with audio, video, whiteboard, chatting and more. Very friendly user interface, you and your students will be up and running in no time. Here is the link to sign up.
With Elluminate vRoom™ you can meet online FREE with up to two others! That's right. No cost. No time limit. No kidding!

What You Get...
Two-way VoIP
Interactive whiteboard
Application Sharing
File Transfer
Synchronized web tour
Multipoint video
What You Can Do...
Meet online with up to three people (that could be 1 mentor and 2 mentees)
Collaborate on a global level (that could mean Center classrooms and Adams 14 classrooms)
Take students on virtual field trip
If you want help getting started please contact me.


Kelly Berry said...

I'll get to use Elluminate next Wednesday, October 14 while I am a guest speaker for the University of Miami in Ohio. From what i understand I'll be meeting with two classes at two different time periods. I'll follow up after my presentation!

cshearin said...

We used elluminate to complete a math course this quarter. We have used it in the past also for the same purpose. I did not realize that it was available for us to use. It is a great way to communicate.