Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Student Teachers Involved with Technology!

This semester I have a Teacher Candidate (student teacher) who has embraced the technology I use in my classroom. She uses the laptop and Smart Board, not only to deliver instruction, but create lessons as well. She effectively uses the document camera, microphone system, and iPod, we have in our classroom like a pro! I had to chuckle, because when we had her Rubric Conference with her site professor, she was reminded that she may not be hired in a district that has the kind of technology Adams 14 does AND she should practice teaching without the use of such 21st Century Technology! I think it is great that she will joining the profession of teaching with the ability to run a 21st Century Classroom. What a thing to put on your resume huh?


Dave Tarwater said...


Great story, thanks for being a leader in your School and in Adams 14.

Kelly Berry said...

Well said Jenny! I left my student teacher with a substitute and my technology resources. She said the day went really smoothly for everyone and had technology to credit for part of it!