Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elementary Odd and Even Lesson

This is a lesson I did to help students get a better grasp on odd and even numbers. The students really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I think it could be used for Kinder or First grade too.
Odd and Even Lesson Second Grade
Adapted from a Lesson by Alta Allen
Objectives. Students will learn the concept of odd and even numbers by counting and sharing candies. Students will demonstrate the ability to identify odd and even numbers by selecting and categorizing odd and even numbers on a Smartboard, showing odd and even numbers of cubes, writing odd and even numbers, and filming or photographing odd and even things around the school.
We begin by telling about things that come in pairs, like shoes, feet, paws etc. We will tell that an even number is one that can be shared equally between two people. We will model handing out odd versus even numbers of Smarties candy to pairs of students to try to see if they can be shared equally. Show odd and even movie from DiscoveryEducation: The Living Numbers: Odd and Even up to Twenty (segment of The Number Crew: Drinks for All). Then students act out forming even number by lining up with matching lines and adding one or taking one away to change it to and odd number. Practice identifying odds and even numbers to 20 with cubes. Then show students how to identify larger odd and even number by looking at the last digit. Students drag objects from Smartboard images that are odd and even to their respective sides. Practice the odd and even chants. Then students form groups. Two groups will go around the school with video camera to get students to act out odd or even numbers. Two groups will go with digital camera to photograph evidence of various odd and even objects. One group work with teacher to search Creative Commons photos from
Following day. Students work in center rotation to record audio descriptions of the odd and even photos. One group works to add titles and practice Windows Movie Maker.

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Kelly Berry said...

Nice work Jon. The students demonstrated their knowledge of odd and even numbers well. It looks like they had a lot of fun working on the project as well. Do you post your videos on a blog or website for students to view at a later time for a reflection or a review of learning?

Anonymous said...

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